By drawing on the extensive knowledge and experience gained from his work for public authorities and multinational corporations, Stuart Hoskins is able to offer polished translations of professional and specialized texts into English.

Fields of expertise

  • banking - credit agreements, mortgage contracts, etc.
  • insurance - insurance policies, general terms and conditions of insurance, etc.
  • capital markets - securities, contracts and documents related to equity funds, government and corporate bond funds, etc.
  • annual reports - corporate presentations, balance sheets, income statements, and notes to financial statements
  • law - acts, decrees, notices, implementing regulations, and other legal documents
  • telecommunications - contracts, business terms and conditions, and other related documents
  • state administration - national programmes, documents required by ministries and international institutions
  • European Union - operational programmes, grant applications, all other documents required by EU institutions, especially the European Commission
  • real estate - leases, bank guarantees, property market surveys
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