How do I order a translation?
The fastest and most convenient way to order a translation is by filling in the form on this site. Alternatively, you can draw up an order and send it by e-mail, post, courier, or fax. Some clients prefer to hold a meeting to discuss cooperation and enter into a contract (especially for large or long-term projects or in cases where a translation contains highly confidential information).
How do I send the documents I want translated?
Ideally, documents should be sent by e-mail or on a data carrier (CD-ROM, floppy disk). However, texts may also be sent by post or by courier.
How is the translation delivered to the customer?
The delivery method is decided by mutual agreement between the translator and the customer. The translator can deliver the finished product by e-mail, fax, courier, or post.
How long will the translation take to complete?
The time it takes to do a translation depends on the extent of the documents to be translated and the date by which the customer requires the translation. Shorter run-of-the-mill texts can be translated into English in a matter of days (depending on how the source text is to be sent). Express translations are ready the day after delivery. Capacity permitting, translations can be completed within several hours of receipt of an order.
Do you translate audiovisual materials?
This service is a non-core business activity and may be provided if the translator and customer agree on the terms under which the work will be carried out.
Do you have an express rate?
No extra fees are charged for express (next-day) translations. Customers requiring 'stop-press' translations should check in advance for capacity.
How much is all this going to cost me?
There are several ways of working out how much a translation will cost. They are based on the length of either the source text or target text, and there are rates per word or per standard page. Rates and quotes are available on request.
What is a standard page?
A standard page varies from country to country and from one translator to another, but in the Czech Republic it is generally accepted as 1,800 keystrokes (30 lines of 60 keystrokes per page). Any incomplete page is usually considered to be a full page.
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