Top Partners, s.r.o.
A PR agency specializing in the promotion of companies and their products.
EURO-Trend Audit, a.s.
A company specializing in statutory audits, accounting, and corporate consulting; part of the EURO-Trend Group
Kant Publishing House (Karel Kerlický)
A publisher specializing in books on art and exhibition publications.
Lexxus, a.s.
Estate agency specializing in residential properties.
B.I.G. Prague (Business Information Group), s.r.o
A consulting and production agency providing services in public relations and corporate identity.
Conseq Investment Management, a.s.
Started out as a securities trader, now one of the seven largest investment managers in the Czech Republic, managing assets worth roughly ten billion crowns.
GfK-Praha, spol. s r.o.
A prominent Czech supplier of services in the field of market research and public opinion polls. A member of the German group GfK AG, which is a top global player in this sector with subsidiaries in 57 countries worldwide.
DOX Prague, a.s.
A new modern art centre in Prague.
Petra Růžičková
A photographer and artist specializing in portraiture, freestyle photography, and book publications.
Archetypon S.A.
An independent Greek-owned service and consulting company specializing in software engineering and language services.
EstEnter Translations
A specialized agency in the Netherlands delivering translations from and into all Central and East European languages.
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